Friday, April 24, 2015

Lawyers Defending Clients Who Are Obviously Guilty Are Almost As Immoral

Some criminals are guilty of terrible and unthinkable crimes, such as murder, rape, torture, and more.

But as bad as these people are, the lawyers who defend them to try to prevent them from paying the price by going to prison are, in my mind, almost as immoral and almost as guilty as the person they're defending.

It's one thing if a lawyer is defending someone who may very well be innocent of the charges.

However, if a lawyer is defending someone who's obviously guilty of some very serious crimes, and if the lawyer knows darned well that his or her defendant is guilty, then how does the lawyer live with himself or herself unless he or she is a sociopath themselves?  How does a lawyer like that deal with himself or herself if he/she succeeds in getting the criminal off, while the victim and his or her family suffers even more because their loved ones victimizer avoids the wrath of justice?

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