Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Bullies Who Never Learn Their Lesson

Some youths in elementary, middle, and high school like to bully others, until they mess with the wrong person, that is.

However, their are other youngsters who bully students, eventually mess with the wrong kid and end getting beat up as a result, but then continue on with bullying others.

Take this one kid I knew as an example.  When I was in high school, there was this one student who messed with others weaker than he was, and one a few fights against others youths he messed with.

But one day he made the mistake of trying to bully this one student who was bigger and stronger than he was.  This was the physically strongest kid in our grade.  Hence, the bully ended up getting pummeled by this stronger student.

So did he learn his lesson?

No.  Just a short while later, this bully tried to start a fight with a friend of mine, who sort of a muscular kid himself.

It's like, "Hello?  Didn't you learn anything from the beating you took from that other student you should have never messed with?"

The only thing he learned was not to mess with the youth that beat him up a few months before.

Go figure.

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